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Maryland, United States
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I'm a pre-op male to female masochistic slave (don't usually label myself slave when unattached); been living as a woman for many years now.  Tend to be shy and somewhat nerdy; I'm generally bad at starting conversations but good at listening and continuing them.  Generally happy to make friends although lately I often don't reply to random messages/friend requests (especially if they're super flippant from a guy).


Relationship-wise, would love to find my dream, which would basically be me being a housewife in a strict subservient way.  A Mistress/slave type relationship where I could focus on making my loved one's life better and easier; allow her to be more capable because of my service and in return receive guidance and assurity of my place. Imagine myself largely serving as a maid of sorts, but really performing any role wanted of me. I'd like to serve someone who will lay out whatever rules they require and hold me to them.  Someone that will make certain I never forget what my place in the world is. Hopefully obvious but having a deep emotional connection is absolutely essential.


I have basic housekeeping skills.  Tend to be a bit slow, but meticulous in cleaning.  My cooking skills are rather narrow, but what I do know seems to be good to others; Can always expand my skills, but tend not to do much when there's no one to cook for :( I'm happy to give massages and other such services.


Kinkwise, I'm a masochist as stated; medium amounts of pain is pleasurable to me, and I enjoy being pushed beyond that in ways other than direct pleasure.  Stingy pain is my favorite.  Enjoy women who have a certain sadistic glee when inflicting pain.  Love being strictly bound and vulnerable.  Love sexy costumes especially latex but really any both on myself and others.  Don't really have particular specific kinks.  I tend to focus on pleasing others so I adapt to others kinks; love feeling like I'm pushed to extremes.  Sexually, tend to prefer anal over particularly using my penis..


Vanilla-wise, I'm pretty nerdy though if not bouncing off another nerdy person it might be hard to tell.  Love reading though I often don't do so as much as one should. I like the standard sci fi/fantasy fiction and sometimes BDSM erotica although I don't care for a lot of it.  If erotica goes off the rails of reality, it needs to do so purposefully and precisely, which seems to be pretty rare.  Enjoy watching TV/movies although I often have a hard time sitting for them when alone.  Tend to do PC gaming when I have nothing better to do.


I'm medically retired from the military due to a genetic condition so I'll always be at least self-sufficient financially.  That also means there's limitations to my physicality; I basically always need leverage when working on something (the primary thing that slows me when I'm cleaning) and can have problems maintaining poor working positions for long periods.  Guess the plus side is I can't fight back although I've never really wanted to fight back anyway :|  I also get terrible migraines at least a couple of times a month (and get many lesser ones that can usually be squashed with meds).


I'm willing to relocate, but for me to consider someone far away they would need to be a near perfect fit to me.  Don't tend to handle long distance relationships well emotionally so chances of something coming from one are slim.  While I am technically bi, it leans so heavily towards women that I don't consider men viable for a relationship.


I'm an INFJ for those who care (used to get INTJ in years past).

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