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I love crime fiction and films. Im 31 and been into BDSM from the age of 19, although i was 21 befrore i found a like minded person to explore with. I recognise myself as submissive but i like to tease. I am a private person so do not do photos. I am an open book in person but not online. I am very protective of my life and this will need to be respected. 

My personality type is architect, make of that what you will. INTJ

If you expect respect you must give it. I do not engage with derogotory remarks requests for images or films. No Drug use either i am not interested in you if you smoke the green stuff.

I will be very busy and responses will take a while over the next few weeks. 

We live in very interesting times at the moment. This place may be able to help. I'm going to leave this up here for a while
BDSM and me
When a submissive is left without a Master it is like being half of a whole, you must learn to become your own master and wait patiently until he arrives. Trust is earned not willingly given. Your earn the right to be called Dom/ Master. I would love to learn more about rope.

I have been into this lifestyle for a while. I had one main master, I was with Sir for 4 yrs but this ended due to changing needs. I am experienced in some areas, but I am new to rope and looking to learn more. I like the idea of forced positions and restraints a lot. I am a classic sub and like it old school style. 

I am a reflection of my Master/Dom/Sir and as such dress in a respectible way, i show respect when it is given and any poor behaviour would negatively reflect on my Dom. I dress classy and most new school would consider me like a domme style. This to me is how i should dress to be attractive respectible and classy a reflection and to make my master happy.

You earn the right to care for me to mold me and win over my mind and spirit. The very basic is to show respect i am a high minded individual i decide if you are worth my submission not the other way around. I am always friendly and nice to chat to but that does not mean i have submitted to you. 
I am not into Daddy style doms do not aproach me please unless you are not using this persona or style. 
the word 'bitch' 
touching my ribs
edge play ' as in danger not orgasm'
no blood scat or age play.
Nothing illegal 

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