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Syracuse, New York, United States
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I have been in the lifestyle actively for about 25 years now. I have a primary Master. I am seeking a local Dom as a potential secondary. I'm a strong, assertive person, and I don't submit to anyone until I get to know them and we have both negotiated a D/s dynamic. 
I used to train in a full contact knockdown martial art, I'm an avid horse person who is currently without an equine, I train in Sado, the way of the Japanese tea ceremony, I read a lot of books, play RPGs and survival games on my computer, and enjoy doing a bit of nature photography.
I'm 41 years old.
BDSM and me

Seeking LOCAL experienced poly dom in the Syracuse, NY area to date, though the pandemic means taking a long time to get to know one another online. Sorry folks, I don't do online play.

Very much into D/s. I prefer positive, nurturing dominance over angry, "you're in trouble/not good enough" type of dominance. It is not a hard and fast rule, but I prefer older male doms. I am not, however, into age play. 
I love sensation play, love sexual play, have a moderate pain threshold, enjoy comfortable bondage, and a lot of other stuff. It depends on what I and my partners have in common! Each dynamic is different.

Please don't be into conspiracy theories, and please do be pro-science and education.

I have been with my Master ( he is Ashigeru on here) for almost 11 years now. He is my beloved, my primary, and my fiance. I don't sneak around on him- anyone who is wanting to date me/play with me would need to be willing to meet him and keep up a bit of communication with him. 

Consent is key. Consent is everything. Mutual respect. Strong, good communication. Negotiation is an alive, dynamic, continuous thing. 


kids, bodily wastes, permanent harm, emotional abuse, cigarette and pot smoke (seriously allergic to both) and a swath of other things. People who don't read profiles.

Ah yeah, and if we decide we're going to play sexually or alone, we ARE showing each other our driver's licenses or IDs. If you aren't willing to let me know your name, age, and where you live, then we aren't having sex, and you aren't getting me alone. Trust, but verify. That's my policy due to far too many personal experiences that have proved it is a needed step. If you are freaked out and offended by this, we aren't meant to be.
What's new

I moved to Syracuse, NY with my Master and my platonic life partner. The three of us share a little home out here. We were talked into moving by someone who would become my secondary, but he just dumped me over the covid-19 vaccine. I'm immunocompromised, and I am going to have to rely on vaccine-driven herd immunity to survive, so, yeah. Slowly finding community here online, and hoping that, some day, I can hang out with people in person again.

Pro tip: if you want to catch someone's interest, first of all, carefully read their profile! (If you got this far, you are already way ahead of the curve, heh!) Write a letter personalized for them. I don't mean "hey" or "hi" or "what's up" and I really don't mean a pervy-ass one-liner that would get you slapped on the street. Write a little introduction! Tell the person you are writing to a little bit about yourself, and maybe why you messaged them. Broach a conversation topic, and contribute meaningfully to the conversation. Effort and thoughtfulness, as well as respect, will get you a hell of a lot farther than sending off 30 "sup"s to random people who happen to be the gender you prefer. 

If you want to play with me, and are a local dom, please include "sanguine" in the title of your first message to me, to show that you bothered to read my profile. If you can't even be assed to learn who I am before messaging, you're almost certainly just looking for a quick and easy wank. 

PS- I really mean it when I say I am looking for someone L O C A L. Thank you!


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Wednesday, December 23, 2020
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