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About me

I am more deeply connected with my daddy than I’ve ever been with anyone by far.  I am very grateful for his guidance (usually lol) and his ability and desire to give me what I did not get in childhood.  I am on a journey to connect with myself as well, or actually primarily- to love me, as I have a deep pattern of self hate.  The things that have allowed me to experience self love are: the isha judd system, my DADDY and the amazing work we do together, music, writing, nature, Teal Swan, Daniel Mackler..  I am happy to connect with anyone with similar interests on a strictly platonic level 

I became close to mute as a child (at least of my genuine self), so I’m mainly interested in expressing my authentic self.  I have fantastic outlets for this, however I am sometimes interested to share more broadly to see who do I touch.  I always appreciate comments and encouragement, especially if someone likes my writing.  I don’t like negative comments but if you must then I will use it (hopefully:) to see what does it touch in me




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Wednesday, May 11, 2022
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