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Wisconsin, United States
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I'm a dominant male in the middle of Wisconsin. I enjoy working with my hands, goofball comedies, horror comedies and horror romances. I don't care to travel anymore. I don't drink and I am std and drug free and intend to stay that way. Conservative minded (that's right wing for those outside the US) with classic liberal tendencies. I prefer either conservative or moderate. No feminists and no antifa/blm supporters. For example, if you honestly think being attracted to women of different races is comparable to colonization, take your dumb ass to another profile. You obviously outsource your opinions to left wing blogs. You don't know a damn thing about colonization, or the actual horrors of it throughout history and you're just too dumb to have a meaningful relationship with.

Women with creative aspirations are always welcome and will be encouraged. I will ask for photos for identity confirmation, but I will never ask for nude photos. Any nude photos offered freely by submissive women will not be shared and permanently deleted if the relationship ends.

In order to keep people from getting their hopes up: One of my major fetishes is freeuse. As this is not possible in an environment cohabitating with children, I am not interested in having/raising children.

I will NOT engage in online erotica unless the submissive makes it clear that she is interested in me.
BDSM and me
Been in and out of the lifestyle for at least two decades now. I would like a slave or a sub (with slave tendencies) but I dont need one. If I dont feel you're serious, I'll walk, but I wont ghost. Absolutely NO age players, if I choose someone to take into a serious and monogamous relationship, I will need someone who has grown up and is willing to face life's difficulties instead of acting like a child in order to hide from them. Your insecurities matter, but I do not accept them as excuses for bad behavior. If you have questions, for god's sake, talk woman - even if you have a gag in your mouth, at least attempt to communicate. Questions that are not asked become assumptions tomorrow and excuses the day after. Given the choice, I'll take neediness over a sub who can't express herself out of fear of getting an answer she doesn't want. Positive reinforcement will be used when good behavior is displayed. Negative reinforcement will be used when bad behavior is displayed.
Breath play (read too much shit about things going wrong - I want to keep my slave reddened but healthy for a long time), Scat, Anything that could result in long term damage. Anyone and anything illegal. Whining, and Excuses.
What's new
I'm always working on a new project. Right now I've been brainstorming for a new analog horror - I doubt it'll go anywhere because my plans are already well and truly beyond my abilities. I'm repainting some undead garden gnomes. I'm planning to replace my front lawn with clover and creeping thyme next spring. I hate mowing my lawn and this looks like a viable alternative.
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Jan 10, 2022
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Nov 9, 2021
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