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Hey everyone ❤️

I’m a self-cerified pretty boy who can’t go a day without some eyeliner. My personality type is ISFP.

Please keep in mind that not all feminine trans guys like or want to be sissified, so I will /not/ wear dresses and act like a girl.

Whew, okay, that out of the way. I’m Pre T (not planning on taking testosterone, I like my stature). Im also pre top surgery..unfortunately. Any sugar daddies wanna pay for my surgery? Kidding! Unless…?

I’m 5’4, slim, and working to gain some muscle. I like piercings and have some helixes on my ears and planning to get a little more along the ears. I don’t share my pictures around to just anyone and I have to trust you to do so because I’m quite shy and reserved with sharing things about myself.

I have a dyed red undercut and short hair that comes down to my eyes. I like to describe my style as a combination between preppy, punk, and vampire.

I’m looking for my knight in shining armor to be their prince. Im not looking for a fling, I’m looking for a long term, real life relationship and lover who will be my loyal master.

I take orders as a natural part of life and prefer guidance in nearly everything I do. Im a complete and utter bottom and wouldn’t see myself ever switching. My ideal, fantasy life would be to greet you when you come back from work and shower you in love and cook terrible meals in a cute, frilly apron❤️❤️

Anyway!! I love anime, manga, naps, matcha, cosplay, and people who give me attention and love. Honestly, on top of learning what I like and don’t like, I’m learning who I am! Please, dm me. Even if you just want to be friends. Im lonelyyyyyyyyy
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Dyed my undercut red
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