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Let me get one thing clear-rude or obnoxious Doms who contact me will have their messages deleted and will be blocked. I deserve respect just like Doms demand it. 

Hello!  First off I’m no Barbie. I’m a big beautiful woman at the moment but am trying to become healthier and more fit with strength training 3-4 times per week and cooking healthier. I’m just really exploring at the moment to get to know a different side of myself. Mainly looking for friendship and someone to talk that understands this lifestyle and accepts you as you are.

I have a family so friendship is what I have to offer at this time. 

 Some things I enjoy in my vanilla world are: Strength training Cooking Reading Sitting outside and enjoying nature Watching real life crime shows Food network Feeding people (food) ;) oh and I love horses but haven’t been able to have one since I was 17. Thanks for reading my profile!

BDSM and me

Looking for FRIENDSHIP. 


 it definitely not into anything illegal, children, or urine/feces. Discuss others as they come up.
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