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Indiana, United States
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About me
Very dominate ive been married 4 times to no avail i have 5 kids no they do not know about my dark side id prefer to keep it that way.
BDSM and me
I will not burn you cut you poke you with needles and nothing illeagle nor will i put you with animals if thats bugs you then move on

== Results from == 
100% Owner 
100% Dominant 
100% Degrader 
100% Rigger 
100% Sadist 
100% Master/Mistress 
100% Daddy/Mommy 
63% Primal (Hunter) 
47% Ageplayer 
42% Voyeur 
25% Experimentalist 
25% Non-monogamist 
25% Vanilla 
16% Exhibitionist 
0% Switch 
Blood fire needles animals any thing illeagle
What's new
Ive been here for a while now and i am not just looking to jump anyones bones i want that connection that rush the thrill of when you finally find your prey im not looking to make someone submit to me i want them to give it to me because i have earned their trust and respect and they know they are safe in my arms.i have became inncontenint because of my cancer treatment as embaressing as it is it something that i feel people should know before wanting to be with me thanks for looking
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Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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Friday, December 1, 2017
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