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Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, United States
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Kind and gentle daddy figure/teacher looking for 19 to 30 female
I am looking for an 19 to 30 year old girl who is looking to explore a daddy type relationship. I am kind and gentle and would like to train/teach. I do not use pain or humiliation. I would like to get to know you here and once you feel safe possibly establish a real life relationship. I would like to encourage you and train you to gain confidence in your skills and eventually guide you to enjoy your sexuality with other men of your choosing with my encouragement and guidance. I will be there for the process, training mentally in rituals and thought and word connections. Most of my training is mental but the desired outcome is to increase your sexual confidence and pleasure and create in you a hypersexual person. Please reach out to me to learn more and get started.
About me
Hi everyone...I am 52 years old from Pennsylvania. Looking for a sub to work with, train, teach, and form a long term trusting relationship, in real life or online. I prefer age 19 to 30 but I am willing to be flexible on the 30 depending on enthusiasm and interests.
BDSM and me
I am an experienced daddy/teacher, I wouldn't call myself a master as I do not work with pain or humiliation. I prefer to teach through encouragement and positive reinforcement. I enjoy teaching a special young lady (19 and up), to have confidence and to try new sexual things. My goal is to mentally train and prepare my sub for going out into the world and experiencing all that she wishes, with confidence and happiness.
Not into scat but pretty much anything else goes.
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