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United Kingdom
About me
Hi, i'm rose, a sissyish person (I don't subscribe to the more sexist, racist, or homophobic elements of the kink though), who's non-binary and maybe more. i enjoy presenting as female and hope to live my life that way before too long. i'm seeking a Lady to serve as a maid and companion and able to perform most housework, as well as massage, cooking, laundry, and other duties. i would also like to make new friends. i might consider an online relationship, as long as there's a chance of meeting in the flesh within a year.

i like books, tabletop RPGs, comic books, and some TV and films, write fantasy and SF stories, and am interested in history, politics, mythology and other nerdy things. i'm semi-active in my local scene.

i work in Higher Education in the UK and spend most of my spare time writing, reading, and sleeping. i'm in therapy at present and suspect I'm autistic.
BDSM and me
i'm mostly submissive, though I might have a more dominant side (I've not really tested it). i enjoy impact play, hair pulling, face slapping, foot and body worship, and have a list of other things i'd like to try (cuckolding, forced bi, being spat on, anal training, being locked in a uniform, maybe some diaper stuff if it can be done without infantilisation and so on). Despite my statement above, i have been a service submissive and enjoyed serving tea to Ladies at the Devotion event at Xstasia.

i can provide references, if needed.
Scat, vomit, head shaving, clowns, infantilisation.
What's new
Not much, to be honest. i'm just going on going on, writing, chilling, and enjoying myself. That being said, i am starting to long for a relationship, or situation, where i can be of service, and looking to get some certification for skills that may be useful to a Superior.
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Dec 30, 2023
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Dec 11, 2022
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