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I will only reply to messages from people who have read my profile. If you can't respect me and my rules, why should I spare my time for you? 

Hi! I have a lot of nickname but mostly people call me Elly. Please don't call me with pet names or any sort of endearments.

I'm 5'1". Have black eyes and shoulder length dyed hair.
Like to talk with new people, very positive, creative, compassionate and a hard worker. 

To those who follows Myers Briggs, I'm an INFJ.

I'm quite cautionous around new people and can be very rude if you decide to message me without reading my profile. (sorry beforehand ✌)

But for the people who know me, I'm a big softie and easily touched by everything. lol.

If I'm not working, you'll mainly find me in the library, karaoke, and pet daycare. (Or cooped up in my room trying to draw something)

I'm a big fan of horror and thriller stories. you're most welcome if you want to talk about it!
BDSM and me
I've been in and out of this lifestyle for 5 years.
I'm a sub female. I don't enjoy domming people so don't ask.
And I'm still exploring. 

Not sure if this is accurate but my top ten is :
100% Optimist (sorry I just had to ?)
100% Submissive
100% Rope Bunny
97% Brat
88% Boy/Girl
82% Masochist
75% Pet
72% Slave
68% Degradee
58% Exhibitionist

There's still a lot of things I don't understand. So I'm here to learn, chat and discuss. 

I'm currently NOT seeking a dom. I'm here now mostly for friendship. From my journey I've meet with some amazing individuals and I want to expand my circle.

I welcome most friendly chat. But
don't show up only with a "hi" or "how are you?". If you want to have a conversation, at least invest a bit of your time to make it decent. If I sense your lack of enthusiasm, I'll drop it. Come come, I don't bite ;)

If you're still curious ....
My kind of dom 
Preference : 
Good attitude, honesty and self control is a must.

Any body type are okay
Have manners and respect 
No smoking, heavy drinker, drugs, etc. Moderate drink is okay
- Shady, blank profile
- Sexual message, unwanted dick pic and role play
- InstaDom
- Faker
- Idiots 

My limit in the relationship will be discussed with my Dom. 
What's new
I'm not actively looking for a dom.
Sometimes I get this urge to be owned but remembering the choices... Maybe another time. 
If someone of my caliber do come, I'm willing to try. 

I'm here mostly for the blogs and chats. 
If I'm messaging you first, it's probably because of your profile/blog is spot on. 

Update : changed my location because of an accident in the past. 

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Friday, March 20, 2020
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Sunday, December 17, 2017
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