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I'm a big girl, no shame because I'm awesome. If you are looking for someone to; train, a poly relationship, A long-distance relationship, or an online arrangement *Jedi hand wave* this is not the submissive you're looking for.

For those who cannot hear me in the back (hopefully only due to the volume of the Cantina band and not their own inability to read). I'm a submissive, but only to someone I know well and trust implicitly and only in our private times together, in person. Thank you.

If you'd like to know about me, I invite you to come speak with me. I don't bite (Honestly, I'm not into it.) And I can ramble for hours about nothing at all but I do request that you approach me as a person first. Any who don't will find interactions with me unpleasant.
If you expect me to respect you I expect the same in return; we are still people underneath these labels after all.
BDSM and me
I am a submissive and I more broadly identify as a sensualist. I have a couple of years of practical experience though only with one partner. At this point my theoretical knowledge outweighs the practical. I'm not looking for any sort of an online situation. I DO have experience with online dynamics as well (a couple years worth) but I've found that these do not suit me or my needs as a submissive and any who choose to disrespect or seek to alter my choice in this matter will be soundly rejected.
In all honesty, an exhaustive list DOES exist but if we're venturing that far into negotiations it would be presented when relevant.

I also feel the need to reiterate here that I am NOT POLY in any way, I respect those who are but will freely admit that I'm inherently selfish when it concerns my partner and this will not ever change. I also am unwilling to travel in order to be with someone, I've built my life here and while I know the frigid temps of MN are not to everyone's tastes, they are to mine. I also request that you PLEASE do not offer to move to me in order to try and make something work, it is one thing if you were already planning to move here but entirely another to move for another person. Unless we were actively trying to create something together this behavior would do nothing but make me uncomfortable and wary. 
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