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England, United Kingdom
About me
I am a man

A Dominant (nothing less)

Single (separated), but not lonely

I don't think I know everything, can do everything, have experienced everything... yet.

I have a heart that could be captured

I have a mind that can be enjoyed

I have limits and morals that define who I am and are never ignored for anyone

I am a professional (meaning they make me wear a suit), I have my own home in a nice part of England. I have enough intellect, eloquence, and wisdom to hold a conversation without needing to head for the gutter. I work a lot and read a lot. I love good red wine and fine whiskey. I stand 5' 10 (6 feet if standing on a box) and keep myself in shape for my years. With those years come calmness, emotional maturity, focus and the understanding that a submissive is also a lady, and should be treated as such at the right times.
BDSM and me
I like the sensual. I enjoy the erotic dance of power play. I like rules and being looked after... constantly. I like a possession I can use for my pleasure; to be the focus of my life and share everything I am.

My passion is entirely about the D/s relationship and dynamic. The toys, equipment and bravado are just tools. The bond, rules and protocols, the care, structure and guidance, the total familiarity and understanding of someone else's mind and needs, are everything. Such is required to truly possess someone.
Many. To be discussed.
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Just enjoying being here. It's enough
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