Diamond in the Rough

England, United Kingdom
About me
I’m 42, live in England, I have a busy work/home life, I like reading and iv even started to write my own book, I’m not one for watching tv but will happily binge a series on Netflix or watch a movie if I feel like it. Im outgoing but can be shy.
BDSM and me
After feeling the pull towards this for years iv decided to finally embrace what I am.
Iv always been submissive but never had a partner strong enough to take control of me and push me to my limits, naturally I go as far as my partner takes me (it’s never been that far) .

I’m ready and willing to hand over control so I can finally be set free, dig your way in and find this Diamond in the Rough.
Im looking for a Dom male who is willing to train me although I know a lot will come naturally to me.
I may get it wrong and although I’m a good girl I may sometimes be a brat but I’m sure when I find my Dom he’ll know exactly how to tame me. I like to please and I like to be praised, I’m here if you want to know more and I’ll always be honest.
No drugs, No toilet antics, No kids, No animals, No blood play, No age play
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Sep 7, 2023
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Sep 3, 2023
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