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Bridgeton, New Jersey, United States
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In a polyamorous relationship
About me
Well, what about me? i am a summer born girly (Gemini), 5’4 barefoot with a heavier body. i tend to keep my hair long, and usually style it in it’s curly state if it is not pulled back into a claw clip. i usually cope with life via humor, and musical therapy, nearly always having some music going on in my life.

i like to chill in the chat room running around like a little chaos goblin, you can usually catch me there. ^.^

Creativity is important to me, i like creative video games (and some non creative ones too), reading, writing, playing games, music and art.

For reading, i tend toward fantasy and smut. For writing, it’s a mixed bag but poetry is fun, as well as little snippets of my dreams. Music… that is a topic too large to cover here. my art is generally fiber related (knitting, crocheting, lacemaking etc), but i love to color with many different media as well. Sadly i cannot draw worth squat, but i can color. For games, i like table top, board, card, abstract, social… i am pretty open and a quick study.

Hmn, i have an adorable pittie, and she is the derpiest cute loveable little thing. i am both a cat and dog person, and Savannah cats are my favorite housepets. Who can resist an animal that is basically puppy software on a kitty chassis? (Yes, that is where my sn originated from)

i am really open about myself and hide very little online, but behind the screen i am very shy and reserved… at first at least. i blush easy and get flustered even easier. i can dish a lot back though. ^.^
BDSM and me
As i grow, i find myself changing and working on my views of myself and the world around me.

i am a poly pansexual switch, i am also demisexual/demiromantic. i have over 22 years of experience in some fashion in the lifestyle. i knew i was a submissive before i even knew that there was a word for me. Not one relationship i have had has been really vanilla. (teenage figuring out *how* to date notwithstanding though.)

Submission is core to my being, i lean towards little and service roles in my day to day, but when i get playful or aroused…. my prey drive, and sassy masochist come around to have their time to play. i don’t know where the line of sass and brat is, but i always try to stay south of the brat line, i hate being called a brat. i have an intense praise kink, and do have major people pleaser tendencies, but i am also self aware enough to know when i am doing something to please another, and when i am actually enjoying it for myself.

i would love to be tied up, i do self tying for aesthetics and really wanna try partner play for that.

As far as Doms go… i am not lookin for a female Domme. Sorry ladies, you are wonderful none the less <3

Currently i have a nesting partner, but not a Dominant.
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100% Boy/Girl
100% Switch
99% Non-monogamist
98% Ageplayer
98% Rope bunny
95% Masochist
94% Submissive
93% Primal (Prey)
87% Pet
81% Slave
78% Experimentalist
69% Brat
68% Voyeur
62% Rigger
47% Dominant
45% Daddy/Mommy
44% Sadist
35% Owner
32% Degrader
25% Vanilla
22% Primal (Hunter)
20% Master/Mistress
6% Brat tamer
0% Degradee
0% Exhibitionist
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Nov 12, 2023
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Oct 18, 2023
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