masochist female

Miami, Florida, United States
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In a monogamous relationship
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NOT looking.


I'm a very honest person and will always tell you the truth. I am loyal and faithful. I am not a jealous woman but I DO NOT like to share. I am not a poly and will never be able to be one. I am a one man woman. I do not mind inviting a third person in for treats and rewards only. Going from one person to another is not my style. Though I am new to this lifestyle, this something I am taking very serious. This is definitely not a game for me.

I have three children. Two boys and one girl. My children are my life and are my priority.
BDSM and me

I had one brief encounter with a man that unlocked my door and set me free. I then met a local Dom and had one session. But things didn’t work out...no real connection. Met Master and we had a weekend together. I look forward to more. 
To be discussed.
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I have given my complete submission to Him.
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Monday, September 17, 2018
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Thursday, January 11, 2018
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