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Alberta, Canada
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In a monogamous relationship
About me
Hello how are you?

Just so you know my body mind and soul and my orgasms belong to my beautifull Domme  Radiance. She is my alpha and omega. The centre of my universe!! I am very proud to belong to her.

Why am I here?
Really its been a jeorney of trying to figure out who I am that has brought me all this way to wrighting this profile. That and wanting company for the jeorney. LoL!

What I like?
I like hiking challenging trails, swimming, and all that outdoorsy stuff. I have a "thing" for art and the creative arts in general. Things like great novels, symphony, beautiful paintings, or even something so simple and complex as a flower. 
Chess is also something worth mentioning since its so intimate lol! What other time can you sit with someone and try so hard to understand each other.

Writing is something I also like to do when I can. Ive always liked to write and imagine beautifull and fasciating worlds. So it seems to me that alot of people in the lifestyle like to write.

I love food, both becomeing better at cooking it as well as enjoying the flavors one can create.  

Over all I want to continually better myself for the people around me. I should hope ive some sort of class and integrity for the one i wish to serve along with lots of fun!
BDSM and me
Hello there,
Ive recently discovered that I fit very well as a submissive male. I realize that Iv'e felt this way my entier life, except Iv'e been trying to be what everyone around me seems to see as mormal. I really thought I could pull it off. LoL. At the end of the day that is just not me. (Ive been interested in womens clothing since childhood) In my heart im a bit of a sissy looking for my Domme to capture me, and use me! I want to serve and make her happy!

The thought of giveing myself really makes me feel sexy and flamboyant!

That being said I want to learn what it is I need to do to make my Domme happy and proud to own me!

== Results from == 
100% Brat 
100% Masochist 
100% Ageplayer 
100% Degradee 
100% Rope bunny 
100% Boy/Girl 
99% Submissive 
98% Pet 
97% Primal (Prey) 
94% Slave 
58% Experimentalist 
53% Vanilla 
32% Non-monogamist 
31% Voyeur 
27% Exhibitionist 
1% Primal (Hunter) 
1% Brat tamer 
1% Dominant 
1% Daddy/Mommy 
1% Switch 
0% Rigger 
0% Degrader 
0% Owner 
0% Master/Mistress 
0% Sadist 
Im still working on my limits. They will be posted soon!
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Monday, April 23, 2018
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Friday, January 19, 2018
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