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Western Australia, Australia
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Deviant Dom into big boobs tied tight, also enjoy medical gyno games, fisting and other vaginal stretching, some light pee and humiliation play.
Just to save time since I seem to get a lot of enquiries, I'm not into daddy daughter play, sorry.
BDSM and me
Started out in bdsm in the late 90's, spent a formative period developing my bdsm skill while working in San Francisco. Since moved back to Australia for work, I maintain a small circle of kinky friends who I occasionally get to play with. 
What's new
As mentioned I am very much into big, large, huge, enormous boobs. Recently I have developed an interest in the more extreme sizes verging on macromastia, basically boobs that hang to around navel level. I have chatted with a few women blessed (or not?) with these monster mammaries about what its like living with them and have become fascinated with the day to day problems they encounter. I am also interested in what kind of games they play with them and have made suggestions for them to try. 
I am interested to talk to members here with these extra large size boobs, please leave me a message or contact me direct on the messenger. 
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Saturday, September 30, 2017
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Friday, April 22, 2016
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