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Hello. I hope you have had a good day/night so far and the best yet to come. It's a cool brisk morning down here in Texas. The kind that makes you want to open the windows and take cover under a fluffy blanket and surround yourself with soft pillows while having the whole bed to yourself. Follow that with some hot tea or coffee, toasted bagel, some feta cheese, walnuts and grapes?. Sorry if I made you hungry or sleepy for that matter  but the mood had been struck and I had to tell someone about it. It is very rare that I post a personal ad because of  my experience with them in general and the fact that personally I'd rather leave something's to universe, chance and accidents to let them happen naturally but today I wanted to take the chance and put it out there. Who's to say what's natural. What I am after is experience, connection and friendship within the lifestyle. I invite you to read my profile and if you feel like we are a good match shoot me a message. Sincerely
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Early 30s, middle eastern, 5'10", 250lbs, olive skin, black hair, brown eyes, male, straight,
bilingual, traveler and adventurist.
The most important thing about me is that I am about progress and change. I love pondering about the universe and look deep into nature where I find most of my answers.
I try to get out of my comfort zone as much as possible and being inclined with change has made it a lot easier for me to say hello to new and updated information.
I thrive for independency and efficiency and I have for the majority of my life.
I am a minimalist with a knack for the psychological.
Intelligence is very important to me and is very much desired And so is a zest for life.

Experimentation has been my motto for a long time and I absolutely adore it as it has opened the door to so many activities and interests for me.
It also has helped me to become quite a handy man which comes in very handy (yes pun intended) in the hunt for independency.
If human duality is a thing "I'm criss-crossing the state line. I've got one foot firmly planted on both sides" in theory.

I love to cook and feeding people, to discover new dishes and food presentation and dining experiences.
I love to dance and sing, and sometimes I'm even actually good.
I strongly believe in creating an eco-system around me to harmonize with nature in opposed to fighting against it.
I'm also very interested in modern technology 

⚠️ Warning ⚠️
English is my second language and no matter how well I speak it there are still so many instances that cultural differences, translation and tone might convey a different meaning and my social anxiety doesn't help it at all. My apologies in advance   
BDSM and me
If you have any specific questions about BDSM and me, I will gladly answer them. Here is my story in a nutshell. It started in childhood and some were just instincts. I Became kink and lifestyle aware in early teenage years. I had some online interactions and some novice to intermediate RL experiences. Being experimental also applies here as I love to discover new territories.
The battle between my submissive side and my dominant side is as old as I am. In search of their rightful place within me and finding that balance, the definition of a "Bottom" started to alight with my characteristic and personality how ever I cannot sit here and tell you that I am this or I am that specially because it really depends on our dynamic.

To be honest I love control and power. I've spent my life trying to gain as much of them as possible just like many others out there. Making decisions and seeing the results, getting feedback and learning  during the process is very engaging and addictive at times however  I also love giving up control and power only to those whom I can trust and are worthy. 

I feel like this should go with out saying but hygiene is very important to me. I am disease free and am willing to take and provide an STD test and I expect the same from my partner should we reach that level in our relationship.
• Scat
• Excessive blood play
• Golden/Brown showers/Watersports
• Bi/forced bi
• Needle play
• Permanent damage
• Being exposed to family and Public

I'm sure there is more that would make my list that I don't know about or am drawing a blank on and so this list is subjected to change.

I have had limits that turned into interests and vice versa thus this list won't ever be laminated.

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Oct 20, 2022
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Dec 19, 2016
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