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Structure and consistency Hello all, I am a 45 year old straight man who happens to be a Dominant. I have lived my entire adult life being a full time dominant that said, I don’t know how to date vanilla. I am a sadist, dominant (prefer TPE), owner (I own a 24/7 live in female slave), and I am an orgasm control enthusiast. I have a very good career, live a very stable life, and prefer that drama isn’t a part of it. I am very laidback in general (unless protocol isn’t followed), I enjoy movies, sports, music, traveling, and cooking. Our vanilla lives are very typical, one of the advantages of experience is the ability to maintain 24/7 and vanilla effectively. My slave works full time with a very good career as well. Who would be ideal for joining my life, someone who isn’t afraid to admit that she needs a strong leader. Someone sexually open to fun in a closed poly household. Someone who is willing to put in as much as her sister and Master are. Lastly someone who has a sense of loyalty. Thank you for your time, if you feel that you are her. Feel free to message Master Tony
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In a polyamorous relationship
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I live in the Houston area and I am open to chat and give advice when needed. Please do not hesitate reaching out. I lead a very consistent life and pride myself on fostering a healthy home, and growing those around me.
BDSM and me
27 years as a dominant, 17 years living as a lifestyle Master full time - I currently own a beautiful bisexual slave - she has been mine for the last 6 years and she is not going anywhere. We are actively seeking a female slave to fill a long term position in our daily lives. I am old school and believe that I am totally responsible for a slave, that reason is why I have zero interest in “play partners”.

Over the years I have been a guest speaker for several groups, have been a mentor to a few people, and been able to look back in my past with zero regrets. Topics that I have been asked to speak on include: orgasm control, TPE, lifestyle bdsm, female orgasm enhancement, and BDSM theories (The role of a Master).

I am currently seeking a long term to forever female slave to join us for a beautiful life. The goal would be someone open to service and open to building a consistent and loyal family. Sexually I have had a vasectomy so the introduction of new kids is not possible.
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