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Massachusetts, United States
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I'm a warm and engaging man (just a regular guy) who is kind, honest, sincere, generous & romantic but definitely with an edge. I'm a divorced dad of 3 young men.

Mutual open communication, sincerity, flexibility and honesty are THE most important characteristics I MUST HAVE in my partner. It's also the kind of relationship I want and need with my submissive. That is truly the only way to build trust and have an unbreakable bond.

Experience does not matter to me, as long as you are honest, sincere, and loyal. And monogamous!!

If you want money, don't bother.
If you are fake and posing as someone else, I will see right through you.
BDSM and me
It's all about trust and control. But it needs to be fun and exciting for both of us. Submission is the GREATEST gift that a Dom can ever receive and it MUST be cherished EVERY single day. The bond between a Dom and a sub once total submission is given and trust is established is like no other I have ever seen! 

I honestly believe in a two-sided surrender. This is SO important to me. Ask me about this if you want to know more.
Nothing illegal 
No Poly

To be discussed with my submissive
What's new
We all may hit a bump or two or even three in the road along our journey. Some of them could be much larger than others. But we must always pick ourselves up off the ground, dust ourselves off, and continue to strive towards what we are truly looking for while never looking back! 

Break loose from the familiar,
Launch out into the deep,
Don't let fear govern your life.
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