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Saskatchewan, Canada
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51 years old and enjoying the journey with so much to learn and my love of learning.  Good luck to all on your own journey.
BDSM and me
I like being protected while letting go; and floating and flying while knowing I'm kept safe from hitting the ground in crash and burn.  With whomever I am lucky enough to share and experience those feelings, I give myself and all that I am or ever could be in the hopes that together we find both ecstasy and peace. I have read a fair bit on here to gain I believe a basic understanding of protocol, and have considered the results of my personality survey which shows me as a rope bunny, a submissive, liking some pleasure pain, and a babygirl.  I have a few little qualities and know I would love being on Daddy’s knee, and feeling  surrender in the most private ways I can offer as well as the trust that comes with having that exchange of power and closeness.
yes I have a few
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