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Virginia, United States
About me
Where to begin? I’m a 46 year old, submissive female. I’m looking to connect with like minded people. I spend a great deal of my waking hours, working A very stressful job in the nursing profession and need an outlet. I’m not really looking for anything at this time, other than people to talk to.

Recently, I published a blog series under the title, “A Strong Heart”.  It has quite a few parts to it and each one is rather lengthy.  If you want to know details about me, you will find it in there.  

In a nutshell, I’m geeky, gothy, and I love art.  I draw, dance, and write.  I would love to finish one of the novels I’ve started, but life keeps sitting on my laptop.  Dancing is what makes me happiest.  I can express my feelings through dancing.

I was working on a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, but I had to take a break.  I’ve always been fascinated with relationships and how people function together.  I have found that the relationships within the BDSM lifestyle are some of the most functional relationships I have ever witnessed.  I think a lot of that has to do with the communication and honesty involved.  I’ll probably blog about my thoughts more deeply at a later date.
BDSM and me
I can’t say if I am like other subs (I haven’t met many) but I feel that if you put me in a room full of subs ... I’d be kinda dominant.  Please don’t let that mislead you though because I crave being controlled and cared for.  
I want my Dom to feel like He benefits from owning me....I want Him to see me as the most valuable and precious thing He owns.  Something He cannot be without.
I need my Dom to be intelligent.  Preferably more intelligent than myself.  He needs to be able to call me out on my BS.  Not that I try to frequently, although there have been moments.  I want my Dom to value and hold dear ... all the things in my heart and mind... When I feel valued for those things... My soul is fed and everything else falls into place.  I would be properly motivated.
Scat, incest, violence, animals, underage, I feel hinkey about calling anyone “Daddy”. Oh! And being called “Kitten”... As a side note... I won’t wear pink.
What's new
If anyone wants to know all about me and why I am not looking and not really available... please read my blog.
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