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(One picture above was inspired by a blog post about using a filter and there was a conversation about Bladerunner and Daryl Hannah... I don’t look a thing like her... *whispers* I’m more hobbit. I talked to someone about getting my legs lengthened but they just didn’t take me seriously.)

Where to begin? I’m a 46 year old, female. I’m looking to connect with like minded people. I spend a great deal of my waking hours, working A very stressful job in the nursing profession and need an outlet. I’m not really looking for anything at this time, other than people to talk to.

 I published a blog series under the title, “A Strong Heart”.  It has quite a few parts to it and each one is rather lengthy.  If you want to know details about me, you will find it in there.  You don’t have to limit yourself to that because there are many more instances of heart pouring throughout my blogs.  Buckle up! It’s a long ride. 

In a nutshell, I’m geeky, gothy, and I love art.  I draw, dance, and write.  I would love to finish one of the novels I’ve started, but life keeps sitting on my laptop.  Dancing is what makes me happiest.  I can express my feelings through dancing.

I was working on a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, but I had to take a break.  I’ve always been fascinated with relationships and how people function together.  I have found that the relationships within the BDSM lifestyle are some of the most functional relationships I have ever witnessed.  I think a lot of that has to do with the communication and honesty involved.  I’ll probably blog about my thoughts more deeply at a later date.
BDSM and me
Read at your our own risk.  I’m evolving all the time.  I’m wondering how much sub is left in me.

[I can’t say if I am like other subs (I haven’t met many) but I feel that if you put me in a room full of subs ... I’d be kinda dominant.  

***Since my time here on the cage, the above thought is not entirely accurate.  I’m like a lot of subs on here and I would not necessarily be the most dominant in the bunch. In fact, I prefer to be at the very bottom.  Maybe an occasional middle if need be... it all depends on the dynamics between all parties****

I crave being controlled and cared for.  
I want my Dom to feel like He benefits from owning me....I want Him to see me as the most valuable and precious thing He owns.  Something He cannot be without.
I need my Dom to be intelligent.  Preferably more intelligent than myself.  He needs to be able to call me out on my BS.  Not that I try to frequently, although there have been moments.  I want my Dom to value and hold dear ... all the things in my heart and mind... When I feel valued for those things... My soul is fed and everything else falls into place.  I would be properly motivated.

***update:  I’m discovering new parts of myself regularly and it is very possible that I might lean more towards being a switch.  I grow. I meet new people that resonate with certain facets of my being. I still stand by the fact that my subby self is very bottom.***]

All of the above, continues to be valuable information about myself.  It is me speaking from the core of my submissive side.

My dominant side is still strongly rooted in my need to please.  If you aren’t enjoying it; neither will I.  I never demand what I wouldn’t do myself.  Everything about my chosen partner is important to me. Every line. Every thought. Every impulse.  I’m paying attention. I will immerse myself in you. From my own experience, it is a great pleasure to be known. Perhaps “pleasure” isn’t the right word, because it pales.  Nevertheless, I will want to know you.  I will want to be a safe place that fosters honesty and growth.  I will also want to be the Queen of your world. I will give you everything and desire the same dedication.  Thoughts create.
Scat, incest, violence, animals, underage, I feel hinkey about calling anyone “Daddy”. Oh! And being called “Kitten”

Apparently, it is a very soft limit about the use of the term “Daddy”.  I’m not really a baby girl or little... I might be a middle at best ... but I found at least one man I’m comfortable calling Daddy.
What's new
I’m a switch... it’s true! Can I still be Queen of the Sub people?

If anyone wants to know all about me and why I am not looking and not really available... please read my blog.
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