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Arizona, United States
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In a polyamorous relationship
About me
What can I say about me?
I'm a normal 29 yr old I suppose. I like to read and even write some of my own. I enjoy the outdoors like hiking, biking, swimming. I'm not much of a Fisher but I'll go along and read while you enjoy a sport that takes much more patience then I harbor.
I enjoy staying in. Watching a movie and maybe cooking together. Also I'm not the best cook.?
I've been told I'm stubborn, sassy, hard headed and maybe even bratty.(I dont believe the bratty part.) However i have a big heart. I am compassionate and caring, my job it to actually care for the ones who cant care for themselves. I like to make people happy but I'm not afraid to call you out on your shit also.
Really I'm open and honest. I dont sugar coat things and I expect the same in return.
BDSM and me
I am a submissive.
I love everything about my role as a submissive. Again, I like to make people happy. Make sure that they are less stressed and satisfied. When I got back into the life I wasnt 100% sure what I wanted and what I liked but along the way I've learned.
My life is crazy and stressful so I seek structure and control. I love rules and task. I've also realized as a sub I can be needy so I require task from who ownes me especially if he will be busy or out of town for a while.
I've come more into my kinks. They kind of embarrasse me and make feel I should seek therapy. However I've learned I like to be used to my Doms liking. My body is his body to use and abuse as he wishes. Had a stressful day? Release it onto me.
I like bruises from spankings and play time. I will wear my Mark's with pride and joy everytime.
I love being tied up and blindfolded, unable to move or speak. It allows me to put my upmost trust into you.
Still newish and still learning I suppose.?
Blood, any bodily fluids, permanent marks, coffins, pet play, age play, children and dont make me fear you.
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