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Arizona, United States
About me
I'm busy.
My life is constantly moving.
What I love about this life is your Master, sir, daddy is able to calm that storm that can create havoc.

Otherwise, I'm a normal 28 year old. I am mommy, I love movies and reading, yoga with my 6 year old is always comical but amazing. I hang out with friends and shop. I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS!! Having deep conversations about absolutely nothing.
I dont play games. I dont have the time for them and honestly find them childish. I'm 100% real and I expect whoever I talk to would be the same.
BDSM and me
Please respect that.

These relationships are always so intense...its what is both amazing and devastating about this life.
I'm not looking for an hour block of play time or a good time. Right now I dont know what I want but I enjoy the blogs so I'm sticking with that.
I wanted a Master but no longer feel that's possible so as I reevaluate my life choices I'm really just looking to talk to like minded people and making kinky friends.
Blood, any bodily fluids, permanent marks, coffins, pet play, age play, children and dont make me fear you.
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Me, here.
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Monday, January 28, 2019
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Thursday, September 20, 2018
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