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I am a 50 year old submissive with the heart of a slave. I have been active in my community for 3 years. Enjoyed dungeons and munches alike. looking for someone who will be willing to first get to know each other, to see if we like similar things, and if there is that "emotional connection" which I think is very much important in D/s. I don't think there is need for rushing, so it would be important for me that the person is willing to have some time and proper talk with me first. would prefer real life, but online can be a place to start. If the connection is strong enough, I'd maybe willing to relocate after my apprenticeship. I have been taught many variables in the lifestyle. I am service oriented and am involved in my local communities. I am observant. and also funny at times, quiet and enjoy looking out at the world. There are times I enjoy socializing then there are times where kneeling at my Dom feet or being in service bring me all kinds of joy and peace.I am a caregiver by nature task oriented (I get bored easily) Visiting local dungeons and munches has allowed me to garner more understanding of who I am and what that brings out of me. Travel to play and visit poly friends has been an immensely educational experience both with exploring poly dynamic and being of service. I work in a high stress field am bisexual and spontaneous as my life allows. I am demisexual and need physical contact touch taste smell sight and voice all the senses . Have explored my soft limits and been pushed thru alot of them I learned my pain tolerance is higher than I imagined. That being in service keeps me balanced that having tasks to do and hear praise brings me calm and jo
BDSM and me
Over a year of being active in the lifestyle. Before was mainly getting my toes wet watching at dungeons wallflower making friends. Having immersed myself ...went down a rabbit hole awhile back learned and recovered since that time I found I love Impact play Dragon tails and whips Increasing pain tolerance Sens dep All types of sexy debauchery I am learning more about no contact D/s which as I was told leans more towards greater understanding of the dynamics and fulfilling the expectations of sub role. And a Doms control. Hope I explained that correctly if not I'll be open to a better explanation... Looking to continue to grow and evolve within myself as a sub slave and also build relationships within my community. Searching more my lifetime One as I am within the season's part of the poem. = Results from bdsmtest.org ==  100% Submissive  96% Slave  95% Rope bunny  75% Pet  68% Degradee  67% Boy/Girl  65% Primal (Prey)  58% Masochist  58% Experimentalist  51% Brat
Limits to be discussed as I grow they change Hard limits No drugs ,children ,scat ,sounding ,nothing illegal. no time wasters or Insta doms
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Learning and growing within my submission
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Thursday, May 28, 2020
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