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Illinois, United States
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In a polyamourous relationship
About me
life alert!!!!>.......I AM A BIOLOGICAL GIRL...(cause this fact seems to escape most ppl) since i am not actively looking to add anyone new to my life any personal information is not needed. i am here for now just to chat with like minded individuals about common BDSM and kink interests.   i am here simply to blow off steam.
BDSM and me
i am no longer participating in an active BDSM poly relationship. i have been broken and re shaped and i hit sub space so easily that no serious play can possibly happen with me.  i am ruined.
insta-doms, fake subs and trolls. Plus the animals, blood, needles, scat, urine absolutely no humiliation play and no age or child play. please dont be offended when i block you when you pull out your crayons and coloring books or you turn into a small animal and nip and bite ppl in chat.  we all have our stressors.
What's new
i just spent a week in vegas with who was my Dominant only to find out that i am incapable of playing for any extended amounts of time.  i last exaclty 5 minutes and hit sub space on my own needing a 4 hour nap to rest afterwards.  am totally no fun.  i also have gigantic orgasms  when i so something as simple as peeing.  i have anal and vaginal orgasms completely on my own.   i can hit sub space quickly and easily.
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Saturday, November 18, 2017
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Thursday, February 9, 2017
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