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Seattle, Washington, United States
About me
Experienced Dominant who enjoys a great many things. Have experience in most fetishes listed, and I enjoy training as much as i enjoy time with my slave/sub.  Easy going, love to laugh, and I'm very tolerant, but don't try my patience. I know a brat when I see one and I know how to handle both brats and topping from the bottom!

I guess I should also state that if you are a brat, move on to the next profile!  I've seen and experienced to many of your kind, in both online and in-person relationships and it is my general opinion that girls use this as a crutch for acting up/acting out and to see how far they can get by pushing the dominant's buttons.  I have no time for immature girls who play such games.  There are real submissives out there, who truly know and value their dominant and want to do every thing to please him, not simply push his buttons.  You are free to have the opposite opinion, just keep it to yourself.  You are in the minority.
BDSM and me
Started out in BDSM when I was 21 and have learned a lot since then. I enjoy most fetishes (see limits for what I don't care for) and will teach, train or engage in most fetishes if my slave/sub enjoys and wants it, even if it isn't necessarily my thing. Have always been dominant, and enjoy BDSM, domination/submission and Gor. Seriously LOVE to provide and give a great mind F***, and pushing limits.
Scat, pee, serious damage to another, gynecological play, partners who are underage (18 and younger), illegal, drugs.
What's new
I'm a former adrenaline junkie... if you can die at it then the line forms behind me! Also have my pilots license, scuba diving license, motorcycle license and ham radio license.
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Saturday, February 9, 2019
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Tuesday, October 23, 2018
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