Allie Kat​{DarkFox}
sub trans woman

United States
Relationship status
In a monogamous relationship
About me
I am happily married :) i am a submissive with ideals and wishes of being a slave. Im a middle and I am a pansexual, poly, trans-femme furry.

I am not allowed to play with, serve or hook up with anyone else on here, but i am more than happy to talk!
BDSM and me
I have been a submissive for 19 years (which is before i knew what the lifestyle was) and i have had a lot of experience. I am so submissive that i have been in a few situations where a switch or a confused sub have forced me into positions where i was acting as a dominant for them (which i hate) but it did provide some good learning experiences for me about myself and about other roles in the lifestyle. I have been a pet and a submissive but i have never trusted anyone enough to be a slave.
I don't like permanent damage(physical or emotional), i mostly don't like messes (situation depending), and i don't like anything that i can't take seriously (giant babies and such)
What's new results

100% submissive
100% rope bunny
98% experimentalist
97% brat
94% slave
94% primal (prey)
80% exhibitionist
78% non-monogamist
75% pet
72% boy/girl
56% masochist
47% age player
47% voyeur
42% degradee
35% vanilla
18% rigger
8% primal hunter
7% daddy/mommy
4% dominant
3% brat tamer
1% degrader
1% sadist
1% switch
1% master/mistress
0% owner
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Oct 17, 2022
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Oct 23, 2018
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