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  **let me put this right up front: If you send me a friend request or a message, it needs to say much more than, "hey". If that's all you're bringing to the table, please find another table.** 


additional info, which is apparently necessary, up front: I'm not dominant.  I'm not going to be dominant.  I'm not a switch.  I'm not going to tie you up, unless I'm learning something.  I'm not prey. I'm not a masochist, (but good girl spankings are a go).  I'm not looking for an online relationship, I live and play in real time, in real life.


I am:

A little tiny bit bratty, a whole lot bunny, and overall usually a very good girl.

A princess/a toy/a pet/a treasure-If you like breaking your toys, we are probably not a great fit.

I (usually) come when I am called, (mostly) follow directions very well, don't usually run (fast) with (pointy) scissors, play well with (most) others, and keep my space and self (fairly) tidy. 

Neither chasing, nor running from, the one who would own my soul and body - have the power to destroy me, and always have the control to be trusted not to. The one I can honor and obey, with trust and love.

Too much for too many.  Not enough for the rest. And that's ok.

I swim deeper than the shallow end, and I can dive, and swim, but I have no interest in living in the deepest, darkest waters...

Safe, Sane, Consensual, Caring.  Always - or we don't bother.

stupidity, scat, intentional drawing of blood, permanent injury or marks. There are probably a few more - I don't need to be electrocuted - that sort of thing....
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Friday, February 22, 2019
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