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California, United States
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About me
**Me in a nutshell...**
I'm a huge nerd. I love watching anime and reading manga, I'm a gamer who prefers pc over console, and I love to draw and I may have found my calling in creating digital art which I will post here. I love H.R. Giger, his artwork is just absolutely stunning. I'm also into a poet named Nikita Gill, her writings speak to me on so many levels that I have no words to describe them. I'm an introvert and a bit shy but when I feel comfortable I can be a bit of a social butterfly in small crowds but when Im in a large crowd I tend to fade into the background, Im working on it as I greatly dislike that aspect of my personality.
BDSM and me
*My kink jouney (so far)**
My kinky journey started with an ex who was into DD/lg, a relationship that lasted 6 years. I loved every aspect of that relationship and it has brought me here to explore what more the lifestyle has to offer. I'm ever evolving in who I am and no one role describes me best but I do know for a fact that I am a submissive, I'm willing to do most things within reason. My Kinks are few but my fetishes are many as I'm up to try anything once. I'd eventually like to try candle play, shibari, primal play/pet play, and spanking just being apart of a huge group of kinky things I'd like to try eventually.
Breath play, caging, charity belts, humiliation, scat, gags ( had jaw surgery),and a few others that I can't think of right now but once I remember them i will add them here.
What's new
I'm currently being mentored by a Dom. He has taken me under his wing and is teaching me all about BDSM and the lifestyle in general. With that being said I am unable to play. What I'm here for is to talk to other subs for advice.
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Friday, January 11, 2019
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