Little Mrs sub​{Formal Col}
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London, England, United Kingdom
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In a monogamous relationship
About me

I am a married submissive living in a 24/7 D/s dynamic, there isn't a BDSM scene where we live so we would like to contact other like minded people for general chit chat and support. 

I am a mother, a fighter, a business owner... That's as far as everyone in my life knows me ;) 


BDSM and me
I am a masochistic submissive.. married to a sadist dominant... And when I use the term masochist I mean its truest sense. BDSM has been a journey for us, we have grown so so much since the start and we are so blessed to be in a dynamic that truly works for us.
I aspire to grow day by day and I hope that being able to chat with you lovely lot will encourage that growth :)
I am also very open and honest (the only way to be!) so if you have any questions I am always happy to try and answer to my best ability :)
Hard limits include, but aren’t limited to, faecal play, water sports, scarring, blood play, rape play, anything that leaves lasting marks in visible places and no humiliation.
What's new
**I get asked a lot if it is me in the photos, yes all photos are me unless stated otherwise :)**

I really am very happy to try answer any questions you might have, I have spoken to some wonderful people on here recently and I think its so important to communicate in this community. I don't want anyone thinking a question is too silly or too private.. If we can't be open how do we learn? :)
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Wednesday, May 8, 2019
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