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Long Beach, California, United States
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Black Dom/Stag/Daddy 60 in California USA Iso of Vixen/sub f what you do with this relationship TBD but it's up to you I am open. She Must Be Pretty She Must Be Sweet Sluts willing to be my personal slut and fuck men or woman for my pleasure, she might be your wife but she will be my slut I will share with others She Must Be Young 25-60 and look good have a tight body She Must Have a Good Relationship with Her Family She Must Be Ready to Assume My Leadership She Must Be Willing To Cook And Clean if asked Real-Time Only Long Beach, California
BDSM and me
5 years as a Dom more sensual Daddy love being a Stag spanking making you a slut willing to take you deeper if you like.
No scat or piss play, no blood or serious pain, children
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I need to find a sub who will do as I say: Dress in sexy wear dress/skirt no panties we Will go out have dinner and I will finger fuck you under the table where all can see. Then I have you go into the men's bathroom and you can give blow jobs or get fucked then when you come back to the table I will pick out some women you have to ask them if you can eat her pussy.

 Next, I will have you pick out a few black men to come with us to fuck you when we get to the room you will start by undressing the women and eating their pussy while us guys take our clothes off and play with our dicks when the woman starts cumming in your face I will tell one of the guys to stick his dick in your pussy and you're trying to eat pussy with a BBC in your pussy and one of the other women start to suck my dick as I watch you eat pussy and getting fucked as the guy cums in your pussy I take his cum smear it on my dick and fuck you in your ass. I love to spank and do aftercare but that is for another time.

My feeling of dominance is not about forcing people to do things. There is no joy in exerting power over people per se. The joy is what they do for you because they do obey. I do not purposely humiliate or intimidate people to do what I say, but rather expect them to obey me of their own free will. It's about them respecting my position of power and willingly giving themselves to me for my pleasure. I know they are also coming to me to fulfill their fantasies and to have their pleasures, but everything in our meeting is center on them serving and pleasing me.

When I speak with a new sub for the first time I ask her if they are willing to do as I say, and if she agrees to serve me as I wish, then I continue the discussion as we need to address your needs as well this is not all about me but about us as your Dom it is my responsibility to take care of you and make sure you get what you need as well you are my partner and give me your power willing and I respect you my WPS. I have never had to reprimand or remind a sub that they said they would obey me. They just willingly submit to me, and all of us enjoy a great amount of pleasure. That doesn't mean I won't spank that ass.  Anyone can spank, cane, or tie up someone, but it takes love, kindness, and patience to watch your submissive grow into someone who cares and takes pride in herself. Sometimes the push she needs is not punishment but help in seeing what she can do to help herself.

Open to a long term relationship with a deserving female sub
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Sunday, September 27, 2020
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Wednesday, July 17, 2019
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