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In a monogamous relationship
About me
***♡If you are a Dom please do not contact me as I am owned ♡***

I am a submissive in my 30s. I still believes in fairytales and happy endings. I am shy, I can be quirky and silly. I need my Daddy's attention and love to tease him, to make him laugh, and smile. At times I may pout or whine if I miss him. I love the color pink and rose gold, anime, reading, writing, and drawing. My preferred genre of reading is paranormal romance. I do have some past insecurities but once you gain my trust I am open very friendly. My goal is to make sure my Daddy is happy. I am drawn to anything super girly and kawaii. Girly clothes, ribbon, pearls, makeup, bows are a must. When my sensual kitten comes out it becomes curve hugging, see through clothing, often lace and satin. When my brat side comes out at times I push my dom until he punishes me. I enjoy the feeling of no control and not knowing what is going to happen.
BDSM and me
I felt like something was missing in my life and wasn't sure what it was. In my middle 20s I enjoyed some kinky and very erotic play. Since then I began suppressing my need to be controlled, to submit, the desire to serve, and please a dom. Last year I made the discovery that I needed this in my life. I began to voraciously read and learn everything I could about TPE and bdsm. I have been told I will never stop learning . I love being called kitten or baby girl, it makes my heart squeeze and I feel cherished. Degrading is a bIg limit due to my insecurities and past abuse. It will cause me to hide within myself, to pull away, and become quiet or cry. I respond better to praises and cuddles. I may have bratty moments (more frequently now), but I know there is a limit of what I am allowed to get away with. That if something I potentially could do and or say could cause harm to me, him, or our relationship he will guide me and tell me it is wrong. If I push and do not listen he will punish me in a way fitting to me. That way I learn what I was doing was not acceptable. I do have a very large brat side to me. In no means is she disrespectful. She just enjoys to sensually tease and joke to make Daddy laugh and smile. She is becoming a bit more of a prominent side of me. I enjoy the physical sting and pain during some punishments and would act out to get them. Daddy has learned this and now uses other forms of punishment. Sad kitten. Trust and honesty are very important to me. I am still learning and getting in touch with my middle and pet sides. It has been hard for me to get past the judgement of vanilla people when those sides pop out in public. Daddy is helping me overcome my insecurities, improve the way I view my body, and helping me become more emotionally balanced. I enjoy bondage, impact play, sensation play, sensory deprivation, sexual masochism. I prefer Daddy making all of the major decisions and controlling a lot of aspects of my life. I often can get overwhelmed when there are too many options. So this power exchange is necessary and puts my mind at ease.


100%  Brat
99%    Rope bunny
98%    Boy/Girl
98%    Submissive
94%    Primal (Prey)
94%    Ageplayer
90%    Pet
76%    Masochist
68%    Slave
56%    Experimentalist
53%    Exhibitionist
50%    Voyeur
49%    Vanilla
34%    Degradee
15%    Non-monogamist
2%      Primal (Hunter)
1%      Brat tamer
0%      Rigger
0%      Daddy/Mommy
0%      Dominant
0%      Degrader
0%      Owner
0%      Master/Mistress
0%      Sadist
0%      Switch
Blood/scat play, illegal acts, bestiality, bodily harm causing permanent damage, degradation, extreme sadistic scenes
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Friday, February 21, 2020
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Saturday, August 10, 2019
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