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About me
Do you want to know me? Then let's just get right to the good stuff:

Me: daddy, dom, sadist, degrader.
You: little, sub, masochist, degradee.

I want us to compliment each other's desires but not limit them. I want us to learn about and respect each other but never forget the nature of our dynamic and our roles in it.
And I don't give a shit whether or not the left side of the slash is capitalized because this isn't career day and neither of us is a guidance counselor.
We all know why we're here, even if it's just to find out why we're here.

I'll hold and care for and cuddle with you, we'll play dress-up and stuffies, and every night I'll bathe you, brush your hair and rock you to sleep.

Or I'll fuck you up.

I will slap you, immobilize you, whip your ass and inner thighs until red and purple welts begin to form. I'll force you over a couch or against a wall or on your knees or anywhere I want you and fuck your sore, burning ass until I'm through with it.

If you are a good girl I'll keep you warm and secure and happy every moment of every day. I'll give you all the ribbons and glitter you want, and let you pick which Disney movie we'll watch together.

If you aren't a good girl I will keep you collared and cuffed, chained, and living in a cage like an animal, eating and sleeping in your own filth. If it pleases me I may briefly let you out, but only long enough to remind you what it feels like to be human again.

A threatening kiss.
A suffocating embrace
The security of being held in daddy's strong arms.
The pain of being dragged by your hair and throat.
Riding the shiny horsey on the carousel while daddy smiles and waves each time you come back around.
Alternately edging and cumming nonstop for days and days on end, tortured until you cant tell the agony from the orgasm.

Take a look at my test. It's pretty clear.
I want to love you, hurt you, control, degrade, nurture, use, humiliate, love and protect you always.

== Results from bdsmtest.org ==
100% Daddy
100% Sadist
100% Dominant
100% Degrader
100% Owner
100% Master/Mistress
100% Rigger
50% Non-monogamous
49% Experimentalist
46% Ageplayer
46% Voyeur
37% Exhibitionist
36% Brat tamer
28% Primal (Hunter)
18% Vanilla
0% Switch
BDSM and me
My story is not unlike many that we've all heard before. I never knew there was anything unusual about the things I was doing and the sex I was having. I always figured that my sexual inclinations were just that - mine. One day I found out that there were names for the things I liked, a lot of other people that liked the same things, and how to find them. That was life changing. The downside is that now, in the vanilla world, sex is never quite as exciting, never quite as fulfilling.
One of the results of this evolution is that I spend more time on BDSM sites like this meeting more like-minded people that I ever would... out there.
Hard Limits:
No CBT of any sort, including but definitely not limited to stretching, impact, catheters, sounding, etc.
No cutting or blood-related activity.
No caging, bondage, latex, rubber, or any confinement or body restriction (of myself.)
No enemas, fisting, breeding, lactation.
No scat. Ever. By anyone. Pew.
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Sunday, November 24, 2019
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Monday, September 9, 2019
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