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I do art and writing for a living (video game director) and I really intend on shacking up in a glorified pillow fort with my cat and a computer. Personally I'm a dangerously laid back individual with a strong set of basic principles and a lot of disinterest for world affairs outside of my zipcode (doesn't stop me from following the maid outfit trend, though). I'm a lot more interested in committal than most it seems so that's the tame half of why I'm on this site - I'm interested in being the sole partner of a person that I can give everything to. I'll be yours till the end, but I hope it's an unwritten that I'd get the same back. My profile's a little outdated but messaging me is free, so if I don't sound crazy shoot me a dm. Cheers :)
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I'm straight :)

Hiya! 5'7'' and 125lb. I do video game art for work. I'm a quiet guy who really likes the forest at 6am, cold weather, hockey, Chinese food, cats, RPG's, white/black/silver decor, tight clothing, hikes, brush-tip ink pens, Blade Runner, and being caressed by a special someone whilst making dinner for them over a warm stovetop. I'm monogamous. Strictly fetish-wise, - bondage is top. Rope, tape, harness, armbinder, bitchsuit, whatever, very down for all of it. I'm extremely aroused by feeling like the weaker of the two of us, so I generally tend to go for people taller or stronger than me. If you're both, you're badass, I love you. That continues into physical domination - I like being forced to do things, wrestled into submission, grappled, squeezed. Shows of wholly controlled force make me melt. Smothering is great. Very big fan of groping, though only slightly in public - I'm very easily embarrassed around strangers especially, so it's definitely something that can be used effectively, but if it goes too far I'll just distance myself. Not an exhibitionist but I'm willing to try duo camwork if you want it. Aside from that, gags of all types, sensory deprivation, both great. I'm into some of the more niche stuff, but they aren't requirements - petplay, roleplay, suspension, etc.. I have a hard time with pain, but it's not for lack of interest - my pain threshold is very low. If you enjoy seeing people in pain, I'm down for that with you - if you enjoy GIVING large amounts of pain, I might not be your guy. You can bring me to my knees with a decent pinch, so the pain is there - the resistance is not. Here's a gif of me, very SFW ;

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I've had a difficult time figuring out what I need from a relationship, but it's more or less clear that I have an express desire for someone who I can trust to make their own decisions, and have developed and expressed desires/wants. In previous flings (I've never been in a legitimate relationship), I was just looking to check boxes for what I wanted, and this resulted in some confusing scenarios. I found great people, but I failed to look at them as a person beyond fulfilling my criteria, and that ended up making their issues (legitimate as they were) more obtrusive. I'm much more wary now and am very disappointed to admit that no, it's not possible to fuel a strong, healthy relationship on just sexual interests alone. Good chemistry first, rope bondage second. As for BDSM purely, I just want to find someone who is wanting/happy to take the dominant role while being trustworthy with that power at the same time. This ties into (pun intended) my love for being tied up/restrained/otherwise "de-emphasized", because I feel most at ease when I'm objectively unable to make decisions, or lead conversations, or worry about whether I'm taking the pace of sex correctly. When I'm able to freely think/act my mind is all over the place, my ability to focus is shit, and I just end up doing very little, which usually comes as a disappointment. Tell me what to do, make me trust that it's what YOU really want, and I'm happy as can be. And, you know, I really, really, really like getting tied up and just.. held. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy.
My limits are extreme pain, blood, ageplay, feet, scat [ugh just feels gross to type] and anal in the licking sense. Just doesn't seem hygienic to me. Monogamous so nothing involving others outside the relationship.
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