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***Don't even bother messaging me if you don't even put effort into finishing your profile***

**not actually looking right now, only interested in making friends, with no expectations thereafter**

Hello! I'm Alex! and I'm exploring my kinks and my dislikes just like most of you lovely people. I'm 18 years old and I love musical theatre and animals so much! I’m working on pursuing a career in Marine Mammal Training and I’m in school now. I am looking for a Dom between 18 and around 30 years old (I’m a little more strict on the age range because I tend to like people just slightly older than me (it’s a comfort thing) :)  I want someone that I can have an LTR with in the future and I can learn from, and with. And it would just be chill and start out as friends (like any type of regular relationship would) for a hot minute in the beginning. I would probably consider myself monogamous. Oh, by the way, I’m a medium-sized white-Hispanic girl, 5’6, with mid-long brown, curly hair :) <so I'm cute *giggles*

Please don't assume that because of my age I am somehow extra nieve to the BDSM world; I have done my research and I don't need (or want) a fake dom to tell me that they can teach me about the world I so "obviously" know nothing about. yes i am still learning, but if I need help on something, I have a perfectly well-rounded group of sub and Dom friends that I can get it from, not some random.
BDSM and me
Well let’s see. I mostly read erotica and I have done self-bondage, but plugs, dildos, vibrators, and nipple clamps. I’ve talked to a few Doms on here, real and fake, but nothing has really stuck.  I am 100% a Brat (if you cant handle that then sorry about it, my submission is something to be earned). Im into DDlg and I would prefer a Daddy and a brat tamer all in one :) I’m also exploring edging and orgasm denial, as seen in my blog, right now and I’m really digging it. I’m into bondage and very minor minor degradation, as in “you’re mine, my little precious slut.” Kind of making it into a positive thing.

I feel like be clingy-ish sometimes and a lil needy as well, but i mean the best by it and that also may be my insecurities showing through. i love love attention and getting dressed up and spending time just together. mostly I’m just fun loving, laughable person! For me it’s important to have someone that cares about me emotionally and wants that emotion connection first, so yeah!
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Hey you made it to the bottom of my profile! Go you! Since you’re here you might as well take notice of my profile avatar/ icon thing, which is literally the cutest kitten EVER! That’s was all; I just wanted to appreciate such a cute freaking kitten! Now if you’re gonna talk to me, don’t be all like ‘AHHCJDJFES I OWN YOU’ because that’s not nice and I’m not a fan, so just be kind and treat me like a human, pretty please :)
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