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Grapevine, Texas, United States
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I'm looking for someone in Texas, or surrounding states, that's knows they are submissive and are willing to serve. I'm not into games or long emails. I'm intelligent and if you can hold a conversation that would be a plus
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In a monogamous relationship
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Update 10 March 2021
Ive come to realize - after talking to other Doms - that I need to entertain the idea of an online D/s relationship  so I’m opening up that option


Do not hesitate to contact me.  I'm very approachable and will answer all emails. For years - in the past when I was more active in the community - I was mainly instructional to those interested in the lifestyle. 


I’m looking for a female or effeminate male. 

After about a week of chatting I will ask for a RL meet.  I'm not in this for an online relationship.

Prefer a potential sub be within 250 miles of  Dallas, Texas. (of course I wouldn't set that in stone)

This lifestyle for me is more about the discipline side than sex. Most people don't understand that, but if you do, then lets talk further.

I’m more of a sadist, but that doesn’t mean that I’m a predator looking for a woman to beat on. I’ve been in this lifestyle for 31 years so know many, many of the disciplines involved. 



So why am I here?

To find one person who can willingly bring a level of consciousness and thought for mutual engagement, as I do not go into any kind of relationship based principally on physical attributes. I am level headed and adept at all aspects of play from beginner to advanced. ALWAYS safe, sane and consensual.  Don’t be shy I create an atmosphere where you are comfortable and you can ask me anything. Firm but fair.

Far more to this than a Hollywood movie portrayal.

My Ideal Person ;
A willing spirit. That is interested in continually pushing forward under the context of a relationship. Recognizing that a relationship is constantly evolving. Someone who is willing to improve, explore and/or escape. Find out who they really are. Beginners to experienced. I am interested in a LONG-TERM Dom/sub relationship.


What follows is a very old ad I've run for years;

Dom looking for new a new sub/slave... I am a slightly tattooed, articulate, intelligent and very experienced Master, who is seeking the right sub/slave to work with. My knowledge is in serious discipline, submission, hard physical and intellectual work, Predicament play, Sensual Domination, ponygirl training, dog training, kitten training, servant training. But also enjoy Nipple torture, electro torture, Facesitting / breath control, Controlled orgasams, Whipping, Age play, Spanking, use of candles, fisting, violet wands, and other common household items, and some not so common, as well as therapeutic services through pain and learning.


My description;

I’m 6’1” and 205 pounds, I have very long hair to past my shoulder blades. Brown- blonds hair and blue eyes. 

BDSM and me
I've been in the lifestyle for 25 years and know my boundaries. I'm looking for someone to explore theirs.
I've explored that which was an interest to me. Let's look at yours. Not to say I know everything - that would be idiocy to say - I'm always learning from others too.
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Jun 14, 2021
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Jun 4, 2017
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