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Hii & Welcome to all ;) Guess I'll use this space to introduce myself some... Okay, here it goes. A proud mother of 3, I am very family oriented... My children come before any & all. No negotiations, none of that when they're involved. In which I do expect that to be understood from the very beginning. Alright, now that I've gotten my point across first, regarding such... I am extremely shy but very observant, usually I'm hidden in the background. I really don't try to place myself in the center of attention zone, anxiety won't let me be Great!! Lol. I am one who takes loyalty & honesty very seriously. To me, I'll rather be told the ugly truth rather than a pretty lie. I can be over the top needy at times, reassurance goes a long way with me. Even if its just a simple "you got this!" I have the habit of always over thinking things, which usually ends up backfiring in my face, always... Lol. I do have an aggressive side that comes out when I'm feeling threatened or that of my loved ones, which I'm sure most can relate. I will test you & test how far i can push you... Blame it on my bratty side ;) me, embarking on this long awaited journey will be worth the time & effort I know I will need to put forth. By far, I am looking forward to discovering my true self!!

Some starters of my exterior description { I am very curvaceous!! My thighs are thick, my bust is plumped and my ass is round ;) No, my stomach is NOT flat, lol. I am scarred due to trauma in my childhood that results in some self-esteem issues regarding such... I'm constantly told I'm beautiful but have yet to accept it for myself }

A few of my likes/dislikes...
I love the outdoors along with hunting and fishing. Yes, I do own my own gun as well as I bait my own hooks. To me it provides the perfect serenity for my own peace of mind, for I myself tend to distance off mentally at times. I enjoy writing and coloring while listening to music on a rainy day, providing the perfect way to pass some time & appease my inner baby girl side :) I do embrace the fact that I am slightly O.C.D. it's a battle but I cope with it the best I can.
Now on to the absolute dislikes!!
I absolutely despise a LIAR. Lying damages one's spirit & heart on both ends. I do not surround myself with fake genuine people, if you can't be my crutch when I'm down as well as be my fan when I'm up... I don't have room for you in my life. I as well do not condone ANY type of violence towards our youth, I suffered in my childhood so I know the detrimental damage it does. I Do Not agree with the whole "ghosting" act, a simple goodbye or f* you would be appreciated rather than up & go M.I.A. :/

Having said all of that, I am open to having conversations that consists of RESPECT on both ends of the spectrum... Doesn't matter whether you're a Dom, Domme, sub, brat, little or switch!! Respect in my book is a 2-way street <>

Thanks for taking the time to read this... Bio of mines. Here's to you for a pleasant day <3

BDSM and me
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100% Submissive
100% Brat
100% Boy/Girl
97% Ageplayer
96% Slave
91% Rope bunny
84% Primal (Prey)
75% Pet
68% Degradee
56% Masochist

**taken: March 7th, 2020**
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