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Asheville, North Carolina, United States
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I'm a straight single male, secure and owner/CEO of a small successful company. I have a confident (not cocky) demeanor, a Dominant side with an edge.  I'm 5'11", fit, weigh about 185, stay active and I look for someone who is fit as well.  Love the outdoors, sports, staying active, being on  or near the water and cooking. (pretty darn good at it and I also make a mean martini.. shaken, of course!)  My family and friends are very important to me. You will find me to be intuitive, kind, relaxed, nurturing, compassionate, caring, young at heart, educated, intelligent and a bit old fashioned in some ways.  I'm very down to earth, street smart, patient, understanding and have a very creative mind. Most say I'm funny and silly yet serious, open along with taking a positive outlook, career, life and relationships.  I have a strong leader and protective character. (and no, protective does NOT mean jealous or insecure) I'm not into "drama", so if you thrive on it, I'm not the guy for you. 

Intelligence is sexy... I am and I look for that. A deeper intellectual connection can lead to far more creativity in everyday life, dynamic, sensuality and natural desires in and out of the bedroom. I look for honesty, respect, communication, independence, love for family, someone who takes care of themselves, is fit, caring and romantic. Sense of humor is a must!! ~~ Someone who works hard, is real and is certainly not looking for just a plain old vanilla connection.  

For the record.. relationships aren't just 50-50. They're actually 100-100... How far have you ever gotten in a relationship where you've only given just 50%?
BDSM and me
I have been a Dominant/Master nearly all of my adult life.  It's just how I'm wired.   
You'll find me to be well versed, experienced, calm, knowledgeable and well spoken about BDSM and relationships.  
A teacher/trainer and fully understand that every relationship and dynamic is different. 
Yes, I can be strict when needed and there would most likely be some rules in place and training as needed. 
Most say I've also got a great voice that connects.
Blood, guns, knives, scat and anything illegal.   It must always be safe, sane and consensual.
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97% Dominant
92% Master/Mistress
89% Owner
86% Daddy/Mommy 
82% Rigger
60% Sadist
58% Experimentalist
55% Degrader
54% Voyeur
51% Brat tamer
46% Ageplayer
41% Vanilla
37% Exhibitionist
28% Primal (Hunter)
22% Non-monogamist
0% Switch
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Monday, February 17, 2020
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