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Before we dive in, please understand...I am 100% real, authentic and I will take you seriously. Unless you are in a similar head space, please DO NOT contact me. The time I take investing in someone is more valuable than just a week's worth of your attention. Please be serious and intentional...I will be.

I've been through multiple iterations of dynamics...both virtually and live and I've arrived at a place where my standards and expectations are extremely high and anyone hoping to engage me seriously must be prepared to work for it. It WILL be worth it. 

Now that THAT'S out of the way... let's begin.
Clearly something you’ve seen has piqued your interest and you’ve landed at my profile to check me out. I invite you to grab a drink, have a seat and enjoy the ride…it's worth the read, I promise. Hopefully something will push a button or even better, stir an emotion.
Let’s start with the reason you are here.
AS A DOMME… My style is unique and perhaps not for everyone. I am very maternal, caring and nurturing... let's call it "an iron fist sheathed in a velvet glove." My intent when taking you on as a new sub is to learn you entirely. What makes you laugh, what makes your heart race, what makes your knees go weak and your dick go hard. Only then can I truly dive into the depths of your wants, desires and needs in order to create a bond that will leave you begging to submit. I revel in the mind fuck - the power exchange that bonds us together. I will bring you to that place you’ve desired - where you know you belong - completely surrendered and under My control. I will be the safe place where your forbidden fantasies and darkest desires come to life. A momentary escape from the everyday pressures of society, so that you can be your whole and true self. Whether I run my hand gently through your hair or slap the deer skin flogger across your already red ass, you will come to crave my touch as the cure to your never-ceasing desire for my affection and approval. The control that I have over your mind and desires will be as powerful, if not more so, than that over your body. 
I believe that a connection like this is fundamentally routed in authenticity. Communication is first in everything. I expect nothing less than 100% honesty around expectations, needs, desires, concerns and anything else that should come up.  Ghosting is NOT an option. If you think that is an ecceptable way of ending a relationship you can stop reading now and move on. 
I AM…Single (amicably divorced) and have had the pleasure of experiencing the lifestyle from the perspective of a wife, poly partner, pod member, rope bottom, baby girl, submissive and now Domme. I enjoy photography and have a special taste for shooting erotic black and white.
I AM…Into Shibari, restraints, blindfolds, sensory play, flogging, spanking, fisting, hair pulling, chastity, edging, task completion, group sex, voyeurism, exhibitionism, cuddling, aftercare, foot massage, power exchange, orgasm control, vibrators, weathered leather belts, anal play, squirting and …(always leave the list open.)
YOU CAN EXPECT...Me to ask a lot of questions. The more I know about you the deeper I can go. My pleasure comes with YOUR growth and development. If you're only looking for a day or two of sexy talk / picture exchanging, please move along. What I offer is real...so be excited (maybe even a little nervous) about being pushed. 
I DO WANT…You to make me a priority in your life, living up to all the expectations that my dominance will set upon you. Submission is not a game for me, it’s not role play. In fact, I take your gift quite seriously and will reward it with the devotion and control that you crave.
I DO WANT…Commitment but not exclusivity. I am not monogamous and therefore do not require you to be. I expect that you will manage your relationships and if given the chance to serve me, give me the attention and priority that I deserve, following the rules I will set out for you. That being said, I will take you on a journey which will require a true commitment and investment of your time. If you are not willing to go the long haul then don't bother starting with me.
I DO WANT…A sense of humor (more on the dry/sarcastic side) that will rival mine. I’m highly sapiosexual so your intelligence, proper grammar, self-actualization and open-mindedness is an instant turn on for me. Also, while I prefer an in-person dynamic,  I'm open to something virtual if the connection is strong and we both see the value in it. 
I DO WANT…A photo. If you don't already have one on your profile, add one to your message. Do me the favor of letting me see who I'm considering.
I DON’T WANT…Anything to do with needles, diapers, major CBT, knife play, sissification, animal, age, scat, puppy or horse play.
I DON'T WANT…You to send me a friend request, without a proper and respectful message introducing yourself. Any one word, one-line or dick pic introductions will be ignored. Do NOT ask "What are you looking for?" or "May I serve you Mistress?" without giving me a compelling reason to respond. Consider this introductory message as your first assignment... impress me. If you fail to pique my interest with your intro, how can you possibly hope to keep my attention afterwards? I have far better things to do with my time. Show me the effort.
If you don't know what to write, try sending me the answers to these 3 questions:
1) I am messaging you because...
2) My experience with D/s is...
3) What I'd like to ask you is...
I DON'T WANT…An empty profile. If the only picture on your profile is of your genitals or worse there's NO photo, then your message had better be pretty damn captivating or don't even bother. No profile pic and no insight into who you are or what you like will not win you any points here.
Still here? Then by all means…engage me.
BDSM and me
Experience in: DD/bg, MD/bb, rope, D/s, restraints, impact play, on-line submission training, edging....
All the obvious.
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Looking for someone local to Los Angeles / Orange County or willing to travel to me.  Must be intelligent, devoted, open-minded, respectful and willing to learn. Must understand life can get busy but I will devote my time and attention to someone worthy.
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Jan 31, 2023
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Mar 25, 2020
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