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Beiseker, Alberta, Canada
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Time to do a little update, I just took the bdsm test and these are the results: == Results from == 100% Owner 100% Master/Mistress 94% Dominant 87% Rigger 77% Experimentalist 75% Pet 73% Slave 73% Primal (Hunter) 71% Daddy/Mommy 64% Voyeur 59% Degrader 59% Switch 57% Non-monogamist 56% Sadist 51% Brat tamer 47% Exhibitionist 46% Brat 38% Submissive 36% Rope bunny 33% Boy/Girl 20% Ageplayer 8% Primal (Prey) 7% Masochist 4% Degradee 2% Vanilla

So yeah there is a lot there, the reality is I have a lot of different desires and I believe that each interaction is unique and should fit into the mindset for that specific individual. So I would like to dedicate time in getting to know about your specific likes and dislikes, what you enjoy and find horrifying. Starting a new conversation with someone is exciting as there are millions of things to find out about someone, and I look forward to experiencing that journey with those that are interested in sharing. 

As for me I have many talents and spent a lot of my youth trying different sports, academics and other fun things. Now that I am a tiny bit more grown up I am still a goofball and can be a real weirdo. I like to dance but am not very technically skilled, it's more like flailing around with some jumps thrown in there. I have a propensity for naked yoga, and regular yoga. Well I am trying to get back into more of a routine with my practice, as well as trying to learn new skills. I am hoping to pick up a martial art and have begun the journey into calisthenics a little while ago. I am trying to make effort each day in different skills, and I am also trying to improve my cooking. 

In general I am working on me, but for the most part I am understanding, caring, I can get along well with many different personality types and individuals, I can love pretty hard and have some weird kinks that I adore. I can listen fairly well, although my understanding doesn't always catch up to my listening which has caused some problems in my past. But each day I live with the thought of improving on myself from yesterday, as I want to succeed in everything I do. I'm trying to learn to accept failure and the worst parts of me, as they aren't going anywhere. My actions from my past can never be undone, so I act with the intention of being better than who I was previously. 

There is a lot more to me and who I am, as we are all complex beings. If you are interested in having a conversation, looking for a friend, or interested in considering having me as a Dom send me a message! I look forward to making your acquaintance and getting to understand you better!
BDSM and me
I feel very much a predator/hunter. There is something about selecting a target and pursuing them to understand all there is to know about them. The anticipation of asking a question of them, nervous for their response but basking in the thought of "pulling the trigger". There is power in turning your thoughts to that person and merely uttering their name out loud. I have a lot of other kinks as well, and the more I explore the more I become embedded into the thought process and procure an even deeper love for each aspect of BDSM. Each facet has nuances that take time to learn and I plan on dedicating myself to each that interests me.
Scat, blood, diapers, and probably a few more. It takes experience to learn what you like and don't like, and I'm still learning.
What's new
You may just have noticed if you've spent time around me or my blog, but I have entered into a power exchange relationship based in ethical Non monogamy. I will also be tagging a blog here very soon, explaining the why, part of my growth, and giving my understanding of what ENM means to me. The current dynamic I find myself in, and where I am going from here.
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