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***updated*** Dec. 2020

Honestly, I am tired of the bullshit people, if you can not be genuine don't bother contacting me.  If you can not have an actual conversation with me don't bother contacting me.  Looking for an LTR with a Dom or friendship.  

I'm not looking to hook up so please don't message me if that is what you're looking for. I am not one to ask questions like your filling out a questionnaire, I find the answers to not be genuine, everyone has the basic questions/answers premade responses. I prefer to just chat and get to know people, you get more genuine answers as well as a better understanding of someone. That does not mean you can’t ask them but it’s my style of getting to know someone.

I tend to give a lot more than I get back from people. This is not something I want to keep repeating, I want the strong emotional connections that you get from a D/s relationship. I need openness and honesty. I am far from perfect but will give you everything I can. 

 I'm a very caring person, I love kids, am easy going, however, some consider me to have a strong personality (it has been a necessity for a long time). I've been told I am very direct, sometimes that comes across wrong. Honesty is very important to me, I am very understanding and have a unique outlook on things. Everyone has some form of drama even if it's from someone else, as long as your upfront about these things it shouldn't matter. There are many shades of gray nothing is black and white I understand everyone has a past, who you are today matters, not the mistakes you have made yesterday. If you can't be the same person in six months as you are today then don't contact me.

BDSM and me
I have been in the lifestyle for a couple of years, I spent the first 1.5 years learning, going to meetings, talking to people, classes etc. I have had on long term play partner, I am not in a hurry to try everything out there so my pace while slower is rewarding. I do not play with anyone else outside of a relationship, whether it be someone I have a close friendship or a D/s relationship.
Ask when and if we get to that point.
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