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Austin, Texas, United States
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I'm an intense, loving, and romantic Dominant Gentleman who enjoys deep connection with his special girl. I am a very high integrity gentleman, unselfish yet passionate. Please be the same, except very very feminine. If you are sweet to me, I will always take care of you and surround you with a massive plush oak tree of masculine energy. I lean towards deeper, longer term connections and even monogamy, but can be open to play and protocol practice together. My style leans towards emotional, mental, romantic, and sensual themes-although some impact and spankings are fun, ditto for rope. I am a long time martial artist, very physically in tune. I have a huge Daddy in me, best ever, for the right girl. No one does that better. I'm a medium experienced Dom: lots of experience in emotional D|s, spanking etc. but still a bit new to toys and rope. Under Mentorship of and training by one of Austin's most experienced Doms....I am serious about my craft. I'm a pro video game developer, yoga teacher, and furniture maker in my vanilla life. Quirky, yet Jedi-like. A Gomez seeking his Morticia.
BDSM and me
If we have chemistry, I will love to train you in many ways and build connection in that D|s way. Protocol, choosing your appearance, exhibitionism, hypnosis, orgasm training (come to me and then cum for me at the sound of my voice and a hand in your hair), collar and leash, Human Kitten / Petplay, are some of my favorites. I love the link and deep connection this builds, but am also into play for fun and skills development. If you crave the submissive experience, I am a well-mentored and ethical Dom who will train you, bring out your best and sexiest side, and make your fantasies come true. All while keeping you safe-physically and emotionally. I'm looking for connection, not a quick ____ or "just" rough sex like many fake Doms. I've worked hard on my communication and negotiating skills and try to present an open book so we can fulfill each other's fantasies. At the same time, there is the other side of the blade--I am intolerant of flakes and liars: none of us are perfect, but please be real if you want to know me. The D|s and DDlg experiences are a two way flow. I will give you my world; please be prepared to return my sunlight in a sweet form.

I'm not a sadist; only enjoy impact play when it gets my girl turned on. While I do have a huge Daddy and Doll/Pet owner side for my girl, I'm not really into age play or animal play (a tiny bit of these is ok, just not my main thing). All of my fantasies will revolve around you, in your present form-and drawing your best and most feminine qualities to the surface.

I live a very balanced and healthy, but not uptight lifestyle. Vegetarian and nearly vegan.

What's new

You should be super caring, super feminine, take amazing care of yourself, emotionally and sexually available, playful, quirky, and submissive. I'd love to have a romantic and passionate connection with you, whether for play or for love, both are good! 

Typically, I would seek a woman 26-46 (with exceptions of course), slender/athletic/shapely, strong & open heart, emotionally intelligent, dark hair can be nice though I will not turn away a pretty blonde :). Sometimes a quirky or exotic style will captivate me. 

Just know that your feminine qualities will be savored and appreciated so much! 

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Wednesday, March 10, 2021
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Sunday, April 12, 2020
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