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From the photo, I have shaved the hair short. I am a bit older, but mostly it is the same.  I was born on Memorial Day 1947.  I still celebrate it on the holiday.
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Concerns about the community:  Been having a lovely conversation with an intelligent lady.  Sudden silence.  Today I get an answer apologizing for the delay and asking to communicate by phone.  I attempt to answer only to find out I have been blocked.  Personally, I believe communication is best but if asked not to contact someone, I will absolutely do as asked.

I have been involved in the lifestyle community for over twenty years. I have taught single tail play, spanking, communication, the use of music and understanding desires in the scene for the majority of that time, in Los Angeles, Orange County, Phoenix, Dallas, Tucson, Chicago and more.

I am an observer of human behavior. I have great interest in art, astronomy, physics, theater, sex and the erotic, Eastern philosophy and the search for interpersonal satisfaction. I have written a blog on my observations and opinions for many years as The Eroticist. I have been called, by someone who knows, a Sadistic Gentleman, a title I appreciate. The debate is whether a sadist wants suffering or pleasure from his subject. I happily fall into the latter category. I apply extreme sensation for the positive response.

I search for the breathing, the movement, the changes of flesh, the sounds of pleasure, and the looks, the eyes, the capture of the mind. But I am also a Daddy who believes strongly that caring for the well-being of his girl is the raison d'etre. The most beautiful thing about almost anyone is their genuine smile. In a woman, add captivating eyes and long hair.

I embrace my child. Creativity is vastly important to me. Humor, exploration and play are strong interests. I believe that beauty and love are our salvation and rain down around us all, so put away your umbrella. I play WoW. I think love, sex, and romance are the most amazing parts of being human. KNOWING my partner is climaxing is as important to me as my own goals. 

My partner and I will be willing, experimental, multi-orgasmic and awe-inspiringly responsive, and see that as a mutual goal. I enjoy the mess that good sex can create. It is not only highly enjoyable for me and a moment for experimentation and manipulation (climaxes delayed are often climaxes increased), but a moment of deep connection to the point of spirituality.  While it is extremely preferable to ask permission to climax, sometimes and with some people that is difficult. If the body does not obviously display it, it should be announced.

Do I have a fantasy girl? LOL, sure as fuck. But the powers that be tend to show me how my fantasies do not satisfy as does reality.

I am happiest in a deeply bonded, long-term relationship. If you give me authority, I will intrude on your mind, your personal space, and your body, definitely. But I will work diligently not to harm.

I tend to identify as a Daddy type because I believe that it is best for the relationship that, to the extent I can, I take responsibility for the physical, mental and spiritual health of anyone who gives me authority over them.  If that allows you to believe that fucking you equates to total financial, physical and spiritual support, think again.

Service is a broad category applied in a variety of directions. I serve my partners with observation, recommendation, pleasure, and the creation of a safe place. I expect service in return, but how it is expressed depends on the person. Playing with extreme sensation (yea, pain) is enjoyable to me.

I teach dungeon play with single tails, hand, and many other forms of impact. I adore biting. But again, I do not wish to damage my playthings. My strongest belief—and where I have been teaching for several years in the Austin Mentor's Program—is the necessity of finding out what you want, cause you ain't gonna get it till you know. (Maybe not then.)

COMMUNICATION—honest, open, complete and transparent—is an absolute necessity. I will add to this as warranted. It is necessary to state one's desires.
Being Rude, to anyone undeserving.  Lack of humor. Dishonesty.  Being uncommunicative or hiding.  Being asexual
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