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Some of my erotic poetry
1 year ago. September 20, 2022 at 12:02 AM

From fuck to fight

Let's get rough and nasty, I want you to take you like a whore, I'm gonna have my way with you, then I'll take some more

Pin you down on the floor, force my tongue into your mouth, smudging your pretty red painted lips, before I go down south

Clothes strewn everywhere, torn remnants of soft Red lace, bite marks on your body, I take you at a furious pace

Nipples hardened from my touch, they've been pinched, pulled and sucked, passions taken over me, you're gonna get real fucked

I grab your ankles, spread you wide, they're forced above your head, I bury my head into your pussy, this hunger must be fed

Licking, lapping, probing, your juice flows across my lips, you feel me pushing deeper, as you raise your curvy hips

You scream out in ecstasy, I love to hear you cry out my name, once I've made you cum real hard, I want to try again

I move up your sex soaked body, I ram my dick in hard and deep, you moan in sexual pleasure, I feel your pussy seep

Crash our bodies collide, I really start to thrust and pound, you feel my weight and my force, nailing you to the ground

Your claws tear at my flesh, my neck feels your sexual bite, you force me onto my back, this fuck is now a fight

You want to be the dominant force, I want to keep total control, we both struggle for the upper hand, we battle, fight and roll

I nearly lose control of you, so I put my hand on your throat and grip, instantly the fight is done and back into a submissive girl you slip

I make you cum once again then I fill you with my warm wet cum, as I lift you off the floor, I pat your gorgeous bum

We shower then we cuddle, I thank you for the rough play, I apologise for the aggression but I've been wanting you all day


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