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Some of my erotic poetry
1 year ago. September 21, 2022 at 12:01 AM

The dawning of the Sun

Soft kisses and caressing our bodies entwined as one, we share sweet tender moments as we await the dawning of the Sun

Wrapped in each others arms, in such a tender loving embrace, looking deep into each others eyes, a smile upon each face

Fingers blended together, it's hard to tell which ones are mine, you look like a Goddess, I wish we could stay here for all time

Sharing the same pillows you're snuggled underneath the covers, whispering to each other, we share secrets meant for lovers

Whispering of desires, we share all our hopes and dreams, this is the most perfect night, or to me it's how it seems

Making love so gently, it feels like it was our very first time, my heart now belongs to you, I pray that yours is mine

A union of body's and soul, tonight we became as one, sharing loves glorious bounties as we greet the dawning of the Sun


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