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Some of my erotic poetry
1 year ago. September 21, 2022 at 12:00 PM

When you come to mind

Need, lust, hunger, desire the feelings I get when you come to mind, a desperate need, a most ravenous want of the sexual kind

A need to have my way with you, too use you as my own sex toy, to do anything I desire, I have no time for coy

I can't do romance, I can't be gentle, caring all the time, sometimes the beast gets loose, then I must make you mine

All thought of self control is lost in my mist of my sexual lust, I just have to taste your body now, for me it is a must

Clothes get torn off, I've ruined countless amounts of lace, try to get you naked and pulled into this beasts embrace

To own you and ravage you, to drink your pussy's wine, to get you to take my hardened shaft, are the only thoughts of mine

To pound you hard and ride you fast, to here you moan and cum again, to here you beg for more cock, to hear you scream my name

All these things come to mind when I'm laying in my bed, I get a uncontrollable, unquenchable thirst for you, when you're in my head


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