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Some of my erotic poetry
4 months ago. September 23, 2022 at 12:00 AM

Goddess draped in lace

A Goddess stands before me, Red lace draped across her skin, with the soul of an Angel but her eyes were filled with sin

I watched her curvy body move, I wished she could be mine, not just inside a dream but in the real world and for all-time

To feel her body next to me, at the dawning of each day, to spend time with her in the real world, during my work, my rest and play

To taste her lips pressed on mine, to slide my tongue inside her mouth, kissing down her gorgeous body, as I  make my way down south

To reach the sacred place between her legs, to nibble on her thighs, to eat her until her juices flow, to hear her softest sighs

To bring her to my bed to sleep, she would be my pillow queen, to wake up and find her with me but in life not just in my dream

Just the thought of her being real, makes my old heart race, just imagining her in front of me, my Goddess draped in lace


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