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Some of my erotic poetry
2 months ago. September 24, 2022 at 12:15 AM

Ending of each day

You're a Angel or You're the Devil, I'll take either any day, wether it's a soft or gentle hug or dirty kinky sexual play

A night spent within your arms, wrapped in your sweet embrace, sharing the softest kisses, laying together face to face

Or having you dressed in my favourite outfit, your delicious curves dressed in soft Red lace, seeing passions rising, a hunger on your pretty face

Hands entwined together our digits make a lovers knot, making sweet and tender memories, that won't be soon forgot

Or you bound down to my headboard, the bounds are done so tight, you now at my mercy, you'd my kinky plaything for the night

To gently kiss along your thighs, with your petals spread real wide, my tongue, lapping up your nectar, from the Rose bud that hides inside

To ravage your sacred place, to eat you with a ravenous sexual need, leaving bite marks in my wake, raw reminders if my greed

So either soft sweet Angel or kinky Devil, I'll have you anyway, just come to me nightly i beg of you, at the ending of each day


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