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Some of my erotic poetry
2 months ago. September 25, 2022 at 12:00 AM

All because of you

By the light of the fullest moon, I'm searching to quench a never ending thirst, my desires growing stronger, the pain it is the worst

Many I have fed on each lovely with their own type of wine but none had the nectar, that made them truly mine

None sent a fire rushing through my lonely pounding heart, so sadly I continued my search, so with them I had to part

There were times they gave me moments of comfort, I stole a much needed kiss but none ever gave me, the feeling of true bliss

So my search carried on  I meandered through my dreams, expecting to walk a lone through each night or that is how it seems

Then one dream I found you, the missing piece to make me whole, I knew they'd be no other, to own my heart and soul

So now my dreams are wonderful, I adore the things we do, now my dreams are perfect and it's all because of you


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